Austin Equine Partners - Personal Growth and Healing Assisted by Horses
What is Equine Experiential Learning?

Equine Experiential Learning expands human potential.
      It works through the process of interacting with horses.           

      Horses guide you though reflective non-riding activities to reach greater awareness of your unconscious thoughts, feeling, and behaviors.

Specially designed non riding activities deepens your awareness.
       You will become aware of personal issues, core feelings of areas of bodily tension  hat inhibits your ability to reach your true potential. 

 The horses and qualified facilitators teach you how to make powerful choices based on awareness instead of habitual patterns.
       By recognizing and moving beyond coping strategies you will develop an experience of life based on compassion, vitality, creativity and fulfillment.

       Recognizing and addressing emotional patterns opens opportunities for more fulfilling and authentic relationships.

       By being more aware of choices you are able to hold a compassionate space with yourself and others even in the midst of challenge.

These experiences become the bases of partnership for horses and humans and have applications in areas of
      Personal relationships

         True partnership requires mutual understanding and respect.

Sessions take place out doors and offer a unique connection to nature and its rhythms.           
      They transport you out of your daily routines and habits. 

      It's a great opportunity to experience being more natural or authentic in your life

      Each session may be very different from the one before. 

      Workshops and sessions provide an experience of sharing an unspoken language and  respect in a safe environment..       

                      No previous horse experience is necessary.

What you will learn:

Private sessions and 1-2 day workshops provide a safe and inviting environment  to deepen and develop;

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