Austin Equine Partners - Personal Growth and Healing Assisted by Horses
Healing Sessions for Personal Empowerment (without horses)
Individual sessions are a compliment to personal growth and spiritual practice.  They facilitate working through and integrating issues that naturally come up in daily interactions.  Blind spots may arise which need special focus and support.  These may be physical symptoms, feelings, thoughts or old patterns of behavior that limit you from being fulfilled and expressing your true potential. As protection we may separate aspects of our mental, emotional, and physical self.  This unconscious and automatic protection acts to defend or shield the wounds and misperceptions from long ago.  

The situations have changed.  We are no longer in the same situations, yet we may still operate from the same defensive strategies.  Inner conflicts become frozen blocks of energy reflected as physical symptoms, emotional and mental stress or general feelings of discomfort and resistance.  It is important to uncover, work through and integrate these aspects that once served a purpose and now are blocking and limiting the ability to experience happiness and well-being.

In an individual session, we work together to access the blocked energy and to understand the deeper meaning or unconscious messages. They become the doorways to the deep Source within. Together we tap into Spiritual energy within which supports the healing of the old patterns. It is then possible to create new conscious opportunities and choices to live in the present Essence rather than from the past fear.

The sessions are offered to work with current issues or past lessons that arise within an individual or with issues between couples for more aliveness, fulfillment, self-empowerment and spiritual balance.

Sessions are offered by appointment at $150 for a 1 1/2  hour session.  Sessions are also available by phone.

*Also sessions with a horse are available: through Equine Assisted Learning Individual  sessions and workshops
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