Austin Equine Partners - Personal Growth and Healing Assisted by Horses

What We Offer:

Equine Assisted Personal Learning/ Development 
Individual sessions and 1-2 day workshops are offered in a safe and non-judgmental environment. 

Equine Assisted Recovery Program
Offered through Equine Resource Center/Equine Assisted Therapy Center to support the process of recovery with addictive behaviors.

Individual Sessions

Experiential Learning with Persia
Individual sessions are a private one-on-one experience.  They are designed to work with a particular issue or to have a healing experience. They are
1 1/2 -2 hours by appointment.

"Just being in their presence is healing."


In hands-on-activities, you will work closely with one or more horses to reveal your strengths, challenges, and heart's desire..

No previous horse experience is necessary. All activities are non-riding.

Who Can Benefit from this Work?

Anyone who is interested in personal growth and learning can benefit from this powerful work:  horse professionals, novice riders, and people who have never been near a horse before.

Ask about hosting a workshop at your facility.
Call 477-5067 or email me at for details.
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